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Tarps Plus Supports The L.A.F.D. With canvas tarps.

We are proud to receive our thank you letter for supporting our local fire department with canvas tarps. They needed green, brown and white canvas tarps for unrelated fire issues. They said our canvas tarps were holding up much longer than the canvas they have bought before. The main officer said that our canvas held up much better than the canvas tarps at Home Depot and other canvas tarp vendors. The best part of the letter was, we had the best price and service they came across when looking for their canvas tarps. All of us at Tarp Plus are very humbled by the kind words and will continue to support these great, brave guys who risk their lives on our behalf.

The Staff at Tarps Plus

Best at hurricane tarps

Our hurricane tarps are now in stock and high in numbers. Tarps Plus is known for the largest supplier of hurricane tarp in the world, this is because we have been the top supplier of hurricane tarps since hurricane Andrew in 1992. Tarps Plus has been selling hurricane tarps to hurricane victims since 1969 when hurricane Camille hit Florida. Since then Tarps Plus has been appareled in price, quantity and quality when it has come to hurricane tarps. Our commitment to supplying the world with high quality hurricane tarps is to make sure everyone has a hurricane tarp to protect the roof of their home. To make sure the tarp protects them against the aftermath of rain and to make sure they received the best quality hurricane tarp at the cheapest price. We have been here since the early 1950s and we will always be there to protect our public. For more information, go to our hurricane tarps page. Please feel free to call us at any time for help with your hurricane tarp needs at: 1-80…

Can canvas tarps last longer than nylon tarps?

People always ask if canvas tarps last longer than nylon tarps. Nylon tarps and canvas tarps are just used for different applications. If you need strong tarps that can deal with heavy winds, then the canvas tarp is the way to go. If you want a tarp that is waterproof, then you want nylon or poly tarps. The canvas tarps are not the best tarps for keeping water out, although canvas tarps are really great for absorbing paint. Painters will use canvas tarps over nylon tarps because the nylon tarps will not absorb the paint. We carry many types of canvas tarps. We have green, brown and white canvas tarps in many sizes. Feel free to look at all our canvas tarps selection.

Thank You - Your wholesale connection for canvas tarps
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Hello hay farmer and users of hay tarps. We have just added many new sizes of hay tarps to our inventory. These are the true professional hay tarps. Our hay tarps have the triple stitching that farmer need when that need to cover hay stacks with a strong secure hold. We have worked really close with our hay tarp clientele to make sure we get the most requested sizes of hay tarps. So, if you have been waiting on the new hay tarp sizes, they are here.

Thank youTarps Plus - your wholesale connection for hay tarps.

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