Can canvas tarps last longer than nylon tarps?

People always ask if canvas tarps last longer than nylon tarps. Nylon tarps and canvas tarps are just used for different applications. If you need strong tarps that can deal with heavy winds, then the canvas tarp is the way to go. If you want a tarp that is waterproof, then you want nylon or poly tarps. The canvas tarps are not the best tarps for keeping water out, although canvas tarps are really great for absorbing paint. Painters will use canvas tarps over nylon tarps because the nylon tarps will not absorb the paint. We carry many types of canvas tarps. We have green, brown and white canvas tarps in many sizes. Feel free to look at all our canvas tarps selection.

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sammy said…
Thanks for getting the canvas tarps here fast. Strong stuff.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Tarps Plus for getting out my product as quickly as possible.
Anonymous said…
I have had a beautiful experence working with your company. I know with the customer service that you have your company will go a long way.
Anonymous said…
You got my tarps to me in a timely matter and that is appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Hello, just wanted to say these canvas tarps are very sturdy! I love my Green Tarp :)
Andrew said…
Great Job Tarps Plus My order came to me in the time frame that you said it would!! Im very happy to see such a good company with GREAT customer service. I love my Tarp.

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