Hello hay farmer and users of hay tarps. We have just added many new sizes of hay tarps to our inventory. These are the true professional hay tarps. Our hay tarps have the triple stitching that farmer need when that need to cover hay stacks with a strong secure hold. We have worked really close with our hay tarp clientele to make sure we get the most requested sizes of hay tarps. So, if you have been waiting on the new hay tarp sizes, they are here.

Thank youTarps Plus - your wholesale connection for hay tarps.


Anonymous said…
These are the best hay tarps on the market. I am getting more for next season. When ever I need a hay tarp I call you guys.
Anonymous said…
Need to save my hay feed and these hay tarps did the trick.
Anonymous said…
I use the hay tarps and they last a long time.
Anonymous said…
Our feed is protected that to you getting the hay tarps here on time.

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