Tarp up the patio furniture with our new yard tarps.

Hello tarp users. We have just received a shipment of our all new yard tarps. These tarps have a draw string and will cover bbqs, cars trucks and much more. The yard tarps are made with poly and are waterproof. These tarps come in over a dozen sizes and can be used for numerous applications. As usual if you need any other types of tarps feel free to call us and we will be glad to meet all your tarping needs.

Thank You
Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
Any tarp in the world is at this place. I have never seen so many different types of tarps anywhere.
Anonymous said…
These are the largest tarps on the web. We know where to go if we need tarps.
Anonymous said…
Best choices of tarps. We now know where to go if we need tarps.
Anonymous said…
We tarp up all our trucks with the black tarp covers and they are great.
Anonymous said…
Great product, I'll get all my tarps from you from this point on.

Anonymous said…
Hello Tarps Plus,

I received your Heavy Duty tarps. They are weather resistant and durable.

Great job Tarps Plus!!
Anonymous said…
Good job Tarps Plus ..... The heavy duty tarps are just what I needed...

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