Tarps Plus is now accepting requests for custom tarps.

Many tarp customers have requested custom tarps in the past and we have only had the option of offering custom made tarps at large quantities. Tarps Plus is now accepting inquires on certain size tarps. In some case the tarps that are being requested in custom sizes can be prepared. If the requested size tarp is too difficult to manufacture one single piece we can still make the tarps in large quantity orders to satisfy the customer. When someone inquires about custom made tarps, please specify whether the tarp is poly or canvas, give full dimensions and choice of color. As usual Tarps Plus strives to bring the highest quality tarps to the public at the best prices.

Thank You
Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
This is really great. We always need tarps in different sizes. We need tarps in special sizes last month but there was not many places that could help us and the places that could help us had charged a large premium on the tarps.
Anonymous said…
We needed tarps and we live in Los Angeles California. Tarps Plus had the biggest tarp selection. All the tarps we needed beat the prices off every other tarp supplier.
Anonymous said…
I heard you are getting round tarps. We need them so we are very excited.
Anonymous said…
Well I contacted the company thinking I needed a custom size tarp. What surprised me is that the sales department knew the product and was able to recommend some options that saved our company alot of money. I wanted to commend your sales department on a job well done in a time period where attention to detail is important.

Robert Belton

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