Uses for Tarps

People are always asking about many applications for tarps. Tarps and poly tarps in particular can be uses for some many things and can be altered to acclimate many situations. You can cut and cauterizing tarps to fit many circumstances. We have all seen the blue poly tarps on roof tops after a hurricane or camp tarps at a camp site but there are so many things you can do with that little those army surplus tarps you have seen in the store.

You can use metal clips to hold tarps and apply them practically anywhere. The canvas military tarps can act as sleeping covers in emergency situations as well as using ground cover tarps and mats. White tarps are great for billboard tarps and make great party tarps for tarp tents.

Every season has a great use for tarps. Winter is a great time for pool tarps. Spring time is a good time for clear plastic tarps for green houses. Summer time requires industrial tarps to withstand the harsh sun and Fall requires rain tarps which are essentially just waterproof tarps.

Anytime you are using a tarp to lay on the ground walk on, it is essential to get heavy duty tarps. Many times heavy duty large tarps are used for ground cover suck as, gym floor covers or baseball field tarp covers.

We can go on and on about the many applications of tarps. If you have any great ideas or stories that you want to share about using a tarp for a particular application, comment back and let us know.

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Anonymous said…
Very informative. We use the heavy duty tarps in white. I will have to think about a good use for tarps that I have had and get back to you.
Anonymous said…
I use my poly tarps, for covering my shed which has some corrosion on the roof and it keeps the water out. I also use my tarps for my painting jobs (Canvas tarps)and its great how it absorbs everything and I don't have to worry about it seeping through and damaging my customers floors. Very satisfied with your products. I also checked out your other websites which your reps informed me about the and ABADAK.COM I purchased a canopy and its super heavy duty, I trust my cars and trucks are secured under it and the 5 year warranty doesn't hurt. I also bought some NFL items from ...all your products are high quality and you are my #1 tarp supplier wouldn't go any where else.

Thank you tarpsplus,

Jerry Monschek

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