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All large tarps sale

The originators of the super large tarps in polyethylene are having a large sale. Tarps Plus carries large tarps in a large array of colors and sizes. Tarps Plus was the first tarp company to bring the imported poly large tarps to the U.S in 2001. No other tarp company had ever thought of making such large tarps in consumer grade polyethylene at the time. The CEO of Tarps Plus, Michael Stein saw a need in an economical solution for the general public and non profit foundations who needed such large tarps. Due to a large increase of large tarp orders Tarps Plus has now increased their production of large tarps and is offering large discounts to the general public.

By, Milton Sperling

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Heavy Duty Taps

New shipment of heavy duty tarps are now in. Tarps Plus has now a whole new line of rip stop tarps and heavy duty tarps. We have already have the largest tarp supply worldwide but are constantly looking at new ways to get our customers better results and save more money. This new line of heavy duty poly tarps. One tarp has grey on one side and white on the other side. The tarp is very heavy duty and will withstand they harsh weather.

Tarps Plus