Brown Canvas Tarps Make A Perfect Tarp

The brown canvas tarp is available at tarps plus in many different colors and sizes and now with our spring sale our prices have dropped. The canvas tarp is very popular in the painting business, in the boating business, in the gardening world and there is just endless ways to use the canvas tarp. The canvas tarp has been around for hundreds of years it is the most reliable tarp available. The canvas material is a very closely woven material and hard-wearing material that makes a great weather protectant. The great canvas tarp is ideal choice for architectural, industrial and marine use. The canvas tarp available at tarps plus is 15 oz. per square yard, grommets every 2 feet and tear resistant. From sizes 6x10 to 30x30 we have a canvas tarp for everyone. So, take advantage of our sale and take home one our high quality canvas tarps.

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
your right about the canvas tarp being the best tarp out there, any one who was born before 1950's will tell you that. Great canvas tarps.

Thank You,

Jimmy P.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for such a great product, I ca not say anything bad about my brown canvas tarp.

Thank You,

Anonymous said…
Thanks for carrying such a gfreat selection of canvas tarps, we use brown canvas tarps to cover all our equipment!!

Zack, Boulder CO.

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