Hurricanne Covers Are Sold Here At A Low Price.

Tarps Plus is the company to go to when you are in need for a hurricane cover, we understand that no one plans on having their roof destroyed by a hurricane and we understand that not every one has the money available to have their roof repaired right away. For a quick fix we have the hurricane covers we have them available in cases and in singles and the prices are extremely low. Not only are our prices low but if you find your self and your community in need of hurricane covers and need them in quantity we can offer them to you at a discount price. When a hurricane comes and you need a hurricane cover make sure you let us take care of you we know the need to have these asap and we have overnight delivery available to guarantee your family an enclosed place to stay the night. Tarps Plus is the #1 place for hurricane covers we have many different sizes available from 5x7 to 100x100 and if we do not have the size you need we will find it. Let Tarps Plus take care of you when a tarp is in need.

Thank You,



Anonymous said…
Tarps Plus My family and I want to thank your company for helping us out during the hurricane here in Texas. We got the hurricane covers right away and they work perfectly.

Thank You very very much,

Fam. Fletcher
Anonymous said…
After our last hurricane we understood why hurricane covers are a must. Thanks for the quick delivery tarps Plus!!!

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