Orange Poly Tarps Perfect For The Season

Its spring and the orange poly tarp completely represents that. If you are having events such as children's birthday parties at the park the orange poly tarp is perfect. The orange poly tarp can be used as a sit down area where kids can be read books, or activities can take place. Also it is great for schools for fire drill practices. The orange poly tarp can be used for so many applications and lets not forget that the quality on the orange poly tarp is one of the best in its category. The orange poly tarp is 4.5 oz per square yard 7 mil thickness, waterproof, mildew resistant, UV treated on both sides and acid resistant. Take a look at our wide selection in sides on the orange poly tarp section.

Thank You,

Tarps plus


Anonymous said…
I just bought 3 orange poly tarps the last ones I purchased worked out prety good.
Anonymous said…
Our local fire dept recommended orange poly tarps for emergency situations because they can be seen by everyone. We just made our first order with Tarps Plus.

Rebeca H. Del Rey Beach, FL.

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