The Super Heavy Duty Silver/Black Poly Tarp Is On Sale!

Our spring sale has put our silver/black poly tarp at a super low price that wont last forever. The silver/black poly tarp is the strongest poly tarp available and it is always number one when a heavy duty poly tarp is needed. Take advantage of our low prices there is a silver/black poly tarp for everyone as the silver/black poly tarp comes in a large variety of sizes from 6x8 to 100x100. The silver/black poly tarp is 15 mil thickness, 7.0 oz per square yard, 1200 denier, 14x16 weave count, it is waterproof , UV treated on both sides and mildew resistant. The silver/black poly tarp is the number 1 poly tarp, take a look at our silver/black poly tarp section on

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
I would never buy a poly tarp that is not the silver/black poly tarp. It is extreemely durable.

Thanks Tarpsplus!
Anonymous said…
The high durability and super low price is what keeps us coming back for more silver/black poly tarps.

Sam D.

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