Yellow Poly Tarps, Great For The Play Area!

The yellow poly tarp is here to brighten up your child's play ground. The yellow poly tarp is a famous tarp in the play ground area, most parents use it for their child's sand box for easy removal and replacement of sand as with the poly tarp it can be easily be lifted and removed. Also the yellow poly tarp is great for covering your child's swing set and protect it from the rain and weather. Your child's outdoor toys can be covered and protected with the yellow poly tarp 10 mil thickness, 6.0 oz per square yard, approx grommets every 18 inches, mildew resistant, water proof and so many other great qualities in this yellow poly tarp. The yellow poly tarp has no limits on what it can be used for, if something needs to be protected and covered the yellow poly tarp will do just that. We encourage you to take a look at our different sizes in yellow poly tarps and your options for case and quantity purchase.

Thank You,

Tarps plus


Anonymous said…
Tarpsplus you have the longest lasting yellow poly tarps that I have ever bought in the passed years. I know that your tarps are good quality and you will always be my company of choice.

Thank You,

Darren & Jackie S.
Anonymous said…
We thought yellow tarps didn't exist until we found tarps plus!

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