Gym Floor Covers On Sale!

Tarps Plus understands the economy and there for we are giving all schools, and organizations a break by dropping the prices on our gym floor covers by more than 50% . Our prices on gym floor covers are so low right now we urge everyone to get theirs today in large quantity for further savings. Tarps Plus has only but the very best in gym floor covers with a 14mil thickness, 8.0 oz per square yard, 14x16 weave count, 1200 Denier, mildew proof, UV treated on both sides, you cant go wrong with a gym floor cover from Tarps Plus. Take a look at our selection of gym floor covers and save when you buy.

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
The best gym floor covers I have ever purchased for the school. Great tarps!
Anonymous said…
I had to submit another order for a gym floor cover from you guys, excellent tarps!
Anonymous said…
Using gym floor covers allows us to use the gym for other events. We love are gym floor cover from tarps Plus.
Thank You!

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