Emergency Tarps!

For your emergencies, Tarps Plus has poly tarps. Poly tarps can help with leaky roofs, broken roofs, damaged areas in the house anything that must be covered a poly tarp will help. Poly Tarps are water resistant, mildew resistant, uv treated on both sides, acid resistant, tear resistant, 7-14 mil thick poly tarps. So many great features to these poly tarps, makes them the perfect emergency item. Tarps are also great for the outdoors to make tipi tents, shade, and for so many other uses. Take a look at all the tarp sections on www.tarpsplus.com .

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
A leak opened up in my roof overnight. I was in complete panic mode until I found Tarps Plus.
Thanks, Tarps
Greg McCormick
Anonymous said…
I use these tarps to cover piles of old metal. They work great and the wife doesnt complain about the metal. Thanks Tarps Plus
Earl, Arkansas
Anonymous said…
A portion of my roof caved in and a big storm was coming. Tarps Plus saved me from the headache of my roof leaking.
Thanks Tarps Plus, Ron K
Anonymous said…
I love these tarps!!! But most of all I love the price. These tarps are light but very durable.

Anonymous said…
i do alot of missionary work and when I heard what happened in haiti I decided to raise money, so we can send tarps to Haiti. i raised about 3,000 dollars and decide to call Tarpsplus. Best decision I made. Thanks tarpsplus.
Anonymous said…
We used this tarp to cover our leaking roof top. It held up very good for us so we could get the roof fixed.
Anonymous said…
Tarplus is perfect. I donated a bunch of tarps to Haiti and Ive made tarpsplus my number one tarps supplier.
Anonymous said…
My tarps plus tarp is excellent. No words can express my happiness with your company. This is why I'm taking a few moments to blog about your company. Thanks Ace Canopy!!!
Anonymous said…
Part of my garage caved in and one of your tarps saved my car from extensive paint damage.

Thanks Tarps Plus

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