How to Use a Canvas Tarp.

A canvas tarp is made for many applications. One of the most popular use for a canvas tarp is a painter’s drop cloth. Before the inception of plastic tarps, the canvas tarp was used by mostly everybody in the canvas industry. Boat covering is still another use for the canvas tarp. Many uses where breathable material is needed calls for a good canvas tarp. Although the canvas tarp maybe treated and waterproof, the cotton base material enables it to breath thus preventing a chance for mold and unwanted moisture. The canvas tarp can be more expensive than most plastic based tarps but the durability of a canvas tarp toward wear and tear makes it a top choice. Many people in the truck industry still use canvas tarps because they can handle the harsh wind. The thick cotton canvas’ thickness gives it a resiliency that helps compensate to the higher cost. If you are needing a tarp cover that can handle heavy winds we suggest the canvas tarp.

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Anonymous said…
This Canvas tarp is extemely durable! I have purchased other canvas tarps, this is by far the best one I have ever used. Thanks Tarps Plus!
Anonymous said…
I recommend these canvas tarps to everyone. They are sold at a great price and very strong.
Anonymous said…
We used one of these canvas tarps to show movies at a gathering we had, it worked very good. Other people wanted to purchase tarps of there own. Thank You!
Anonymous said…
Used this canvas to paint on. The paint stuck great. Its a relief to find an affordable distributor with an abundance of canvas tarps. I will be ordering more soon..
Anonymous said…
We used a canvas tarp to cover our lawn during a party. Canvas tarps work great and are easy to clean up.

Peggy H.

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