Don't Get Caught Without a Backpacking Tarp!

Because of it's ultra light weight, the backpacking tarp is the tarp for backpacking. When you are setting up for your perfect backpacking trip and you will be out for weeks it is so crucial to have items in your pack that can be used for more than 1 thing. For example how a bandanna can be used as a wash cloth, hat, belt, it has more than one use which works great for a backpacking trip, keeping the pack light is the goal. Backpacking tarps can be used for shelter against rain, ponchos, groundsheet, a rain cover for gear, emergency shelter, and a privacy screen. The backpacking tarp can also be used as a sled to drag things, game, and even people when its necessary. All these great things you can do with a backpacking tarp. The incredible part also is that they are soo inexpensive and you get so many uses out of it. Check out all the poly tarps & backpacking tarps at

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Anonymous said…
These backpacking tarps are awesome and super cheap. I bought a case to share with my entire group.

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