Shade Tarps Available Now!

The Shade Tarps are here in 3 different colors Black, Tan, and Green. These Mesh Tarps are super heavy duty and provide 80% shade, Tear resistant, Acid resistant, Grommets every 2 feet, Mildew Proof, and many other features that make these Mesh Tarps fantastic. Thee Mesh Tarps is great to enclose patios, or use as a canopy top to create soft shade. The Mesh Tarps have many ways to be used and 1 of the best ways is to cover Dog Kennels to protect your pets from the sun. The Mesh Tarp comes in many different sizes and textures. Mesh Tarps give a sleek and elegant look which is one of the reasons why they are one of the most preferable shade tarps. Take a look at the Tarps Plus Online Catalog and take a discounted Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp Home.

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Anonymous said…
I love your shade mesh its fantastic!
Anonymous said…
Wow I finally found a way to combat global warming. These mesh tarps are a life saver.

Thanks, Tarpsplus


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