Vinyl Tarps Available at Tarps Plus

Are you tired of looking for a custom size vinyl tarp? Look no further Tarps Plus is the #1 go to place for vinyl tarps. We understand how important it is to have the exact tarp you are looking for, due to projects sometimes it must all be the exact size you need and alternatives do no good. At Tarps plus most tarps can be set to custom sizes. Vinyl tarps can come in custom sizes and with or without grommets, different colors are also an option. Vinyl tarps can be used by anyone for many projects from industrial projects to school projects. Vinyl Tarps are heavy duty and come in different mils to accommodate your needs, from regular to heavy duty thickness both are available. Visit and order your custom vinyl tarp.

Thank You,



Anonymous said…
My Vinyl Tarp was just what I was hoping for.

Thank you, Tarpsplus!!
Anonymous said…
I'm happy that now you guys are able to custom make tarps.
Anonymous said…
These Tarps are very very strong. Great Products.

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