Benefits Of Using A Poly Tarp

Hurricane Earl has come and gone but hurricanes can affect areas close to the Atlantic Ocean. Since a poly tarp is considered part of a survival kit, consider getting one if you do not own one yet.

The majority of international aid bodies in the world prefer to use a tarp as an emergency aid item. A tarp is actually an abbreviation for tarpaulin. A camp tent can be used in emergencies involving natural disasters like hurricane and earthquake. However, this tent is not that easy to put up and happens to take up much space.

A hurricane or tropical storm can cause minor or serious damage to house roofing. At times, serious damages to houses can occur resulting in homeless families. In such a case, space becomes a critical issue, making a tarp a better choice compared to a tent as temporary shelter.

You can find poly tarps, canvas tarps and other tarpaulins in the market. However, generally, a poly tarp has better waterproof feature compared to the other types. Hence, you can use one on your roof as temporary cover if roofing repairs are necessary for any reason.

Even if there is nor damage due to hurricane or storm, you can still use one in case of minor or major roofing repairs, which is bound to happen at one stage or another. By doing so, you can repair the roofing when time and money allows you to do so.

In short, think about getting at least one poly tarp as part of your survival kit in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm if you do not have one yet. You can use it as temporary shelter or roofing cover depending on the damage to your home. Even if you do not encounter any such emergency, you can still use the tarp for other purposes.


Anonymous said…
Never thought a poly tarp would have all these uses. Thanks for the info.

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