Green Mesh Tarps For Outdoor Enjoyment

The green mesh tarps are used for a variety of outdoor activities. They are used as canopies, coy ponds, backyards, patios, nurseries, landscaping, construction, and on fences for privacy plus many more. They provide 73% shade; have grommets eighteen to twenty-four inches apart depending on the manufacturer.

These mesh tarps are UV treated and tear resistant. Made from polypropylene knitted fabric they are acid resistant and arctic flexible. Green in color with reinforced edges and heavy-duty brass grommets, they are rot proof and mildew resistant as well.

The green mesh tarps can be used as a flat roof canopy on hot days for extra protection from the sun or to keep the rain away on stormy days. Canopies made with tarps are used for gardens in sunny areas like Arizona for extra plant protection. Lining ponds with them protects the fish and aquatic plants inside the ponds.

They can used on cold climates as a wind barrier or as a cover to protect your items from snow and ice. Being used in construction to cover or as privacy barriers. By attaching the tarp to a chain link fence privacy barriers are essential to those needing to protect their party from on lookers.

For the camper they provide added protection from acclimate weather or they can be used to protect from the wet ground as a base to erect the tent on. With the mesh tarp being green in color it blends in well with the background of most outdoor activities.

The reinforced edges and heavy-duty grommets provide added strength to the polypropylene knitted fabric. Made in China, the tarp ranges in price from $15 to $30 depending on place of purchase. Many retail outlets carry them and they are available for online purchase. With all its many uses outdoor enjoyment, privacy and personal property protection will be available to all that need it.


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