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The Importance Of Fire Retardant Tarps

Grommets Approximately every 1.5 feet Acid Resistant Waterproof Heavy Duty Poly Tarp Mold Defiant Arctic Temperature-resistant Tear Resistant Ultra violet Treated on two Sides
             Our certified fire retardant tarps are licensed with the government's CPAI-84 specifications. The Tarps Plus manufactured fire retardant tarps come in poly and canvas. Our fire retardant tarps are certified by the California State Fire Marshal. Our fire retardant tarps are all registered with the NFPA 701, CPAI-84 and California Title 19 Guidelines. The fire retardant testing process in order to become certified takes many steps. Tarps Plus fire retardant tarps have been certified for many years and have excelled with excellence. The tarp goes through a long testing process. All our fire retardant tarps are cleared by the California State Fire Marshal's Office, which is a nationwide standard.

Our fire retardant tarps prevent the tarp from burning due …
Image oz. Per Square Yard. 1400 Denier 14x16 Mesh Count Solid Brass Grommets Approx. Every 18 Inches Acid Resistant Waterproof Heavy Duty Poly Mildew proof                                      Arctic Flexibility Poly Tarp                These hay tarp covers are Super Heavy Duty. Our hay tarps are for serious farmers who need to cover hay bales. The hay tarps and hay bale covers are farmer's favorite because they know what craftsmanship a true hay tarp should be. So, if you are looking for what the professionals use at the best price, try our hay tarps.
Our hay tarps can be used for a horse hay tarp or just regular heavy duty hay tarps. Each hay tarp is reinforced with a super tough poly fabric and a tough super strong tensile strength. Special treatment for long outdoor life. Rope is encased in the hem and a spur eyelet is set into a multi layer fold Special U.V. Treated silver reflects light. These hay tarps or farm tarps are great hay tarp…