What To Expect From Tarps In 2018

The tarp industry is constantly changing due to the countless of applications for the unique covers.  In 2018 we can expect several particular changes.  As climate change and more extreme weather occurs more types of custom insulated tarps will be in demand.  Record low winter freezes have put various types of shapes and sizes of insulation coverage for many industries for piping, machinery, mechanics etc. 

Leading tarps supplier Tarps Plus owner Michael Stein stated, "We have had a high demand for custom tarps to satisfy more extreme weather related issues."

In 2017 we saw a significant spike in hurricane tarps sales due to hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.  The specialized hurricane tarp covers were needed by over a million people due to the 2017 hurricane season.

Key Points for The Tarp  Industry in 2018:

  • New start ups in the tarp industry will saturate the market.  Make sure to get quality covers from long term established vendors.
  • Covers like insulated tarps, hurricane tarps and custom tarps will be in high demand.
  • Oil will start to slightly rise again and increase the cost of resin (an essential component of poly tarps) which will raise the cost of plastic based tarps. 
Below are tarps being used for roof covers after a hurricane. 

The light duty blue poly tarps are common covers for roofs after a hurricane.


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