Tarps In 2019

Some trends will be changing in the tarp industry for 2019 and consumers will benefit to know these changes. Uses and applications for tarps expand each year for many reasons as well as tarps due to the changing of our atmosphere.  Climate change is real and can effect the weather.  Below are some key points on how tarps will be in demand for 2019:

  1. Storms, hurricanes, floods and fires have increased significantly for the past 20 years.  2018 saw massive hurricanes, storms and fires.  Having tarps on hand is essential for after the storm in the event of a roof getting torn off or covering property from ash due to massive fires in the area.  Fire retardant tarps have been in high demand in 2018 and will see an increase for 2019.
  2. Colder and longer winters.  Covering property in harsher and longer winters will be a trend that will continue and poly tarps are always the more economical way to cover things up in the outdoors.
  3. Innovation.  Innovative ideas for products and uses requiring tarps has been a trend over the past 5 years and the trajectory looks like it will continue to increase.  Tarps have many uses and applications and are used as a sub component for new inventions quite a bit. 

As times change so will tarps and the way people use them.  2019 looks like there might be more changing along the way. 

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