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How To Make a Halloween Banner Out of a Tarp

So Halloween is coming up and you want to make an inexpensive banner for your business, friends etc.  Below is a simple step by step guide on how to make a simple banner for Halloween by using tarps.

Get two polyethylene tarps... One black and one orange.  Both of these tarps can be found at Tarps Plus.  Here is the link for both tarps: Silver/Black Tarps and Orange Poly Tarps.  The tarp banner can be any size you like.  To cover a garage door like the picture attached here the tarp should be a 6'x20' tarp.Use the black side of the silver/black poly tarp as your background.Take the orange poly tarp and stencil out a Jack-O' Lantern.Cut the Jack-O'Lantern outline carefully with a scissors and the fine edges with a box cutter. Take double sides duct tape or tarp tape and place it on the back side of the orange tarp Jack-O'Lantern cut out.Place the cut out on the black tarp and press firmly so the orange tarp cut out adheres to the black tarp background. Take the tarp…

Great uses for tarps for this summer 2019.

Terps have so many applications but there are some important things to consider during summer time.
Here are five creative ways to use tarps the summer:
Slip and slide: get some soap and water and you’re in business. A great way to stay cool and have fun this summer.Forts and mazes: you can build a fort for your child. Emergency blankets: Cover yourself from rain and stay dry when blankets are not available. Poncho: cut a hole in the tarp and use it as a poncho when a waterproof jacket is not available… This can come in handy right after hurricane relief circumstances. Hammock: tie a heavy-duty tarp to trees we have the proper hardware and you have a sturdy hammock.  Simple plastic tarps have so many applications and uses these are just a few that can come in handy this summer.

The Custom Tarps Solution

When it comes to tarps, one size does not fit all.  Many people that use tarps require a custom tarp solution for the application they are using.  Many tarp companies offer custom made tarps but run into quality issues.  There are several major factors to consider when order custom tarps.  Below are key points to know when ordering custom tarps:

Choose a tarp company that has been in the tarp business for at least 10 to 12 years.  Many things can go wrong in the fabricating process and it is essential to have a reputable company that has been making tarps for a long time.  Many companies say they have been in business for years but that is simply not the case in many cases.  When it comes to making the choice for this investment, spend an extra minute and see how long the company's website has been around.  Companies like have been around since 1999; those are the kind of companies you want to make your custom tarps for you. Explain your application to the sales …