The Custom Tarps Solution

When it comes to tarps, one size does not fit all.  Many people that use tarps require a custom tarp solution for the application they are using.  Many tarp companies offer custom made tarps but run into quality issues.  There are several major factors to consider when order custom tarps.  Below are key points to know when ordering custom tarps:

  • Choose a tarp company that has been in the tarp business for at least 10 to 12 years.  Many things can go wrong in the fabricating process and it is essential to have a reputable company that has been making tarps for a long time.  Many companies say they have been in business for years but that is simply not the case in many cases.  When it comes to making the choice for this investment, spend an extra minute and see how long the company's website has been around.  Companies like have been around since 1999; those are the kind of companies you want to make your custom tarps for you. 
  • Explain your application to the sales person so they know your exact use and needs.
  • If your tarp has unique types of shapes, try to sketch out a diagram.
  • If the price is lower than you thought be wary of custom short cuts.  Many tarp dealers will charge less and cut corners on quality.
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