7 Great Uses for Tarps This Summer

Tarps have played a pivotal role in Covid19.  Tarps are being used for room barriers, privacy covers for makeshift emergency centers, shade for restaurant drive-throughs, and more.  Here are 7 great uses for tarps this summer of 2020

1.    Patio furniture tarps: Great sun protection

2.    Outdoor table tarp covers: Make a mess and hose it right off

3.    Debris removal: Haul off brush and garbage with drawstring tarps

4.    Slip n Slide: Get a waterproof poly tarp, a hose and some soap and you're in business

5.    Shade anywhere: On a tarp canopy or bungee to a tree

6.    Water/Pond tarp liner: Dig the hole, line it, and fill it with water.

7.    Covering rafts in the pool: Keep them in the pool and protect from the sun - no need to store away in between uses

Bonus: Use wall dividers at local flea markets so there is a barrier between the merchants.

Visit Tarps Plus for more information on tarps


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