Tarps Plus Supports The L.A.F.D. With canvas tarps.

We are proud to receive our thank you letter for supporting our local fire department with canvas tarps. They needed green, brown and white canvas tarps for unrelated fire issues. They said our canvas tarps were holding up much longer than the canvas they have bought before. The main officer said that our canvas held up much better than the canvas tarps at Home Depot and other canvas tarp vendors. The best part of the letter was, we had the best price and service they came across when looking for their canvas tarps. All of us at Tarp Plus are very humbled by the kind words and will continue to support these great, brave guys who risk their lives on our behalf.

The Staff at Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
Tarpsplus!! thank you so much for your top quality tarps and Great fast delivery service!! will order again!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, TARPSPLUS I gotta say you saved me tons of money... have you seen what the other guys want for these things? - THANX MUCH
Anonymous said…
I got to say Customer Service was really friendly. I requested a sample of this Brown Canvas Tarp, received the sample within 3 business days. The canvas material is great quality....not to mention the cost is SUPER.
Sally from the Valley
Dear Tarps Plus,

It is always nice to hear a local firm announcing that they have become a vendor for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

While we (as a Fire Department) cannot offer any formal endorsements, we wanted to extend our best wishes for your business endeavors.

Other firms that are interested in competing to become an approved vendor for the Los Angeles Fire Department and other City of Los Angeles agencies are encouraged to visit:


Again, our best wishes!

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

LAFD Blog: lafd.blogspot.com
Anonymous said…
Thank you TarpsPlus! I am so impressed with your grat customer service and fast delivery service, not to mention top quality tarps.

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