Heavy Duty Taps

New shipment of heavy duty tarps are now in. Tarps Plus has now a whole new line of rip stop tarps and heavy duty tarps. We have already have the largest tarp supply worldwide but are constantly looking at new ways to get our customers better results and save more money. This new line of heavy duty poly tarps. One tarp has grey on one side and white on the other side. The tarp is very heavy duty and will withstand they harsh weather.

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
We have been looking forward to this shipment of heavy duty tarps - thanks guys.

Heavy Duty Trucking Post
Jim Calson
Anonymous said…
The Silver/Black tarps we ordered came within the time period I expected. I was very happy with the product. I would say the tarp is a super heavy duty tarp. I would recommend tarpsplus to anyone that wants to rely of product purchased on the web. Great job!
Anonymous said…
These Heavy Duty rip stop tarps have saved me such much money and truck loads. Your tarps are great.

Tarps Plus.
Anonymous said…
WOOOOOOOOOOWWW!! Tarps plus I am a returning customer and I have had my Silver/Black tarp now for 8 years and untill now I am having to purchase a new one. I usually have to replace them every year...you guys have saved me , If my math is correct $1,400 not including the shipping I usually pay.

You have a customer for life..

Thanks , Tarpsplus!

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