Brown Poly Tarp The Most Inexpensive Poly Tarp

Do you need a temporary poly tarp? the brown poly tarp is perfect for a temporary fix. It blends well with the outdoors, it is waterproof, UV treated, mildew resistant, and inexpensive. Most people use the brown poly tarp to cover log piles, or for work in the backyard. Some cities require their residents to use only the brown poly tarp because it blends well with outdoor surroundings apposed to a blue poly tarp or red poly tarp. The brown poly tarp is a light duty tarp but it works just wonderfully and it gets the job done better than most light duty tarps. The brown poly tarp comes in many different sizes from 5x7 to 60x100 it is 7 mil thickness and 4.5 oz per square yard. If you need a light duty poly tarp that looks great and is still a good inexpensive tarp go with the brown poly tarp.

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
The brown poly tarp works excellent as a quick fix for coverage. I just purchased a case, that should last me a couple of years.


Jim Thomas

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