White Tarps Have More Uses That You Could Imagine

People always ask about the different applications for white poly tarps. The white poly tarps come in many different sizes and shapes. The white poly tarps can be used for so many applications. There are just a few ways you could use white poly tarps. white poly tarps are great for boat covers due to their clean look , most people who have boats choose the white poly over any other color. The white poly tarp is a heavy duty tarp and is 6 oz per square yard, 14 mil thickness, UV treated, and tear resistant. All these great qualities in a tarp makes for a long lasting poly tarp. The white poly tarp is also used world wide in the film industry and photographers also love the white poly tarp because of the soft lighting it creates for their shoots. Many back yard hockey enthusiast use the white poly tarp as an ice rink liner and its works perfectly because its 100% waterproof. So many uses for the white poly tarp and this is why its always first choice.

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
I just purchased more of your white poly tarps, I had my old ones for 5 years and I have to give it to you tarps plus your poly tarps are better than the ones I have purchased at my local hardware store.

Thanx, Tarpsplus : )

Roxy Baker

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