The Sister Poly Tarp Of The Silver/Black Is Here In White/Grey

There is only one leader in poly tarps and that is the double color silver/black but now we have the same quality in tarp but in a different color the white/grey poly tarp. The white/grey poly tarp is one of the best poly tarps available and 14 mil thickness is unbeatable, it has 6.5 oz per square yard, waterproof, acid resistant, mildew resistant, tear resistant, uv treated on both sides, Arctic Flexibility and so many other great qualities which makes the white/grey poly tarp one of the best poly tarps available. The white/grey poly tarp is used for the heavy duty jobs, so I you have any heavy duty jobs that needs a heavy duty tarp the white/grey is the way to go take a look at our wide selection of white/grey poly tarps on

Thank You,

Tarps Plus


Anonymous said…
I am so happy that there is option for white/grey instead of only having a silver/black for a heavy duty tarp.
Anonymous said…
Great Tarps, Tarps Plus is my favorite Tarp supplier. By the way I just bought a canopy from your other website and I love the canopy it was so cheap and its very strong.

Thank You Tarpsplus!!

Sandy Brown
Anonymous said…
We have been buying silver/black tarps for years and look forward to seeing the white & grey!! Thats going to be our next purchase.

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