New Canvas Tarps

Tarps Plus has the largest selection of canvas tarps available any where else. Tarps plus brings you a selection of colors, sizes and quality. Whatever it is that you are looking for in your canvas tarp we are almost sure we have it in our store. Tarps plus only carries strong, durable, heavy duty canvas tarps to ensure a happy smile and sense of satisfaction to each and every customer who shops at One of the greatest new types of canvas tarps that tarps plus has added is the Fire Retardant Canvas Tarp. This fire retardant canvas tarp comes with a tag with state Marshall CPAI-84 specification for fire regulation. You will find many canvas tarps in our selection of canvas tarps and if there is anything you don't see please let us know and we might just be able to fulfill your order. Take a look at what tarps plus has to offer check out

Thank You,

Tarps plus


Anonymous said…
Olive Vista Middle School appreciates all Tarps Plus has done for us, great deals on the white canvas tarps in which we used for the projector screen in replacement of all the bad white screen we had to remove. Will do business again.

Carol Williams
Olive Vista Middle School
Anonymous said…
We were so surprised to see so many colors of canvas tarps.

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