Backpacking Tarps for The Ultimate Backpacker.

When it comes to backpacking you want to keep things light. The backpacking tarps are the best way to travel due to their compact packing and versatility. Having a good backpacking tarp as appose to a tent or camping canopy is the way to go. A good polyethylene backpacking tarp can be placed in between two trees or set up with tent stake. Poly backpacking tarps are also waterproof and much lighter than canvas. Although you might see many backpackers using canvas a good poly backpack tarp with grommets every 18 inches is the way to go. The backpacking tarps range in size from 5x7 to 10x16 with the average size being 6x8. If you are going camping and have a long hike ahead of you it is advisable to pack light, thus the use of backpacking tarps.

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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This is an awesome product. It has really came in handy!
Anonymous said…
Just got back from a camping trip with the scouts. We made a large purchase through a week prior to heading out on our exiting experience. I was truly skeptical about receiving them in time, but within four days we received our tarps. They worked wonderful for shade during the day and performed their best at night against the rain.

Scout Leader
Marty Jennety
Anonymous said…
I'm an avid backpacker and backpacking tarps from Tarps Plus are the best I have ever used.

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