Emegency Tarps For Haiti Earthquake Victims

PORT-AU-PRINCE. Massive amounts of tarps are being sent to cover the earthquake victims in Haiti. Tarps Plus, the worldwide leader in tarps is donating and supplying tarps to the earthquake stricken area. Other relief organizations from around the world are also gathering the much needed supplies such as medical, mosquito nets, tarps water and shelter. The Red Cross is warehousing supplies in Panama as well as the Army Core Of Engineers.

As Haiti aid efforts hit hurdles, poly tarp covers, water and other types of emergency supplies are in gridlock. Looters and unrest fill the rubble streets as U.S. Paratroopers arrive in the Haitian capital. One spokesperson says that the 7.0 earthquake is the largest fatal disaster to happen in the region's history and the aid and clean up could take years.


Anonymous said…
The earthquake left us homeless and devastated. Tarps Plus had tarps and shelter us within in ten days. People would have died without them.
Thanks, Tarps Plus
Marshall Tucker, Haiti
Anonymous said…
A tornadoe left my town ravaged and my dwelling missing half of the roof. I needed a quick fix and tarps plus saved my day.

Thanks, Paul
Anonymous said…
We set up a relief effort in my neighborhood and ordered emergency tarps for Haiti earthquake victims. We just want to thank Tarps plus for their great price and service.

Molly R. Sarasota FL.

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