Get Your Tarp Accesories.

Tarps Plus carries just about every tarp accessory you could possibly need for your tarps. The Prices for tarps plus are low and everything is quality made. You will be able to find tarp clips, ball bungees, sand bags, nylon, rope, tarp tape, tarp glue and many other tarp accessories. The ball bungees can be used to fasten your tarp to whatever you need it attached to, The tarp glue can fix tears in the middle of the tarp or you can also use the tarp tape to repair it. The Tarp clamps are also great to fasten your tarp and can be used to fix over sized tarps to a custom fit. With so many tarp accessories available you will find the solution to your tarp problem. Come and visit the store of the tarp leaders of all North America

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Tarps Plus


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