Making Tarps Fun!

Out of something so unusual like a tarp you can make so many ways to work it out for fun. The #1 way to use a tarp in the spring is decorating it with the young children with hand paint and making a fun project out of it. Tarps can also be cut into special shapes and be used as kites, because of their strength and light weight they can make the perfect kite. In the summer time the absolute most fun you can make out of your tarp is a slip n slide, something the kids will not get enough of. Tarps can also be used for shelter during a camping trip or to lay on also can be used to hold water in a hole made in sand at the beach or lake as a fun little extra for the children. In the winter Tarps can be used as Ice Rink liners for those of you who live in states where it snows. So many ways to use your tarp in a fun way! take a look at all the tarps available at

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Anonymous said…
I just bought a little tarp to try this slip n slide stuff. Very excited to try it i must say.
Anonymous said…
Yep I just bought a couple of tarps to try this too. Looks like loads of fun specially in my case where I have a hill side backyard.

Thanks, Katie L.
Anonymous said…
Great Idea. Looking to trying this.
Anonymous said…
I remember slip n slide from my childhood, I think my kids will love it!!

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