Outstanding Quality Tarps!

For a Tarp that screams out quality a Tarps Plus Tarp will do. From light duty tarps to Heavy duty Tarps they are all under 1 roof, the Tarps Plus roof. Tarps Plus has been the leader in quality tarps for a decade now. Tarps Plus is proud to say that the number of satisfied customers, and average of repeat customers is like we have never seen before. The customer service agents make sure to get the details of every customer on what tarp will best suit their needs to accommodate them with the right tarp. Every Customer is handled with care to ensure satisfaction and trust in Tarps Plus. Call our Tarp Specialist at 1 800-838-3057 today to receive a quote.

Thank You,



Anonymous said…
My husband just asked me to buy some tarps of ya'll because he says your tarps last longer than the ones he buys at other online stores and Home Depot. Thank you for not selling your customers cheap product and being honest about your tarps.

Thank you,

Barb Wilson 62 - Oshkosh, WI
Anonymous said…
Great Quality Tarps, we will continue doing business.
Anonymous said…
Just received my poly tarps, I didn't think they were going to be this amazingly heavy duty but surprisingly they are very much so.

Laura Pounder.

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