Filmmaker of Feature Film The Guitar Player and Tarps Supplier Donate Tarps To Homeless

An independent filmmaker and a tarps supplier donate tarps to the homeless for the winter. "The Guitar Player" is a new age, fiction based drama. The movie is certain to attract scores of drama lovers from all over the world. The story is simple with no high technology based gadgets nor extravagant fight or action scenes.

The movie in itself aims at bringing forth the essence of reality, in simple frame context rather than by making use of the new age trends of cinema. The movie can be considered a step back to traditional cinema from Hollywood. One of the promotional tools of the film is to give out tarps to people living on the streets to bring awareness to the film as well as help out the homeless at the same time.

The story line is simple, covering a tragic event in the life of a young athlete named Robert, leading to him living in another town on the streets. The main aim of the 98-page script is to depict the story of a teen wrestler who is labelled as a murderer when a freak wrestling practice accident leaves his friend and team member dead.

Labelled and alone, the young man leaves town equipped with nothing but the clothes on his back and an old guitar. Burdened by his guilt and the memory of his best friend, the boy struggles to make ends meet and ends up living in a motel.

When he is not sleeping under a poly tarp, the boy goes about leading a silent life at the motel which is basically a front end cover for a prostitution business run by Royce Williams. Royce taking pity on Robert, offers him a roof over his head through amusement, and the mere fact that he did not think of Robert as a threat. This all changes when Royce hires a new prostitute named Crystal, one that Robert grows especially fond of.

Threatened by the fact that Robert is trying to convince the new girl to quit prostitution, Royce beats him up and smashes his guitar. As a desperate attempt Robert somehow ends up buying an eight-million-dollar lottery ticket which he wins. This changes his life around but along with the 20 years of poverty, Robert has learned many truths and the actual secret to living a full life.

The movie makes use of dark set visualization frames showing a very few brightly colored scenes. The movie is directed and written by Michael Stein who is also an actor in the film, with the talented Aimee Flaherty as the line producer. The movie is known to run on a charity-based production scheme with charity and fundraising programs like the tarp drives, running straight through to completion.

Activities involved in fundraising include tarp drives set up and a few discussion seminars, the official movie website also contains a "Donate Now" button for people to donate online. People can also pledge to be part of the film and get in on some side roles or then buy some early releases of merchandise. The funds generated through these events is said to be partly used for the completion of the feature film and partly to help homeless people living on the streets. The tarps are given out to people living on the streets and enable them to stay dry and warm.


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