Benefits Of Heavy Duty Poly Tarps

Heavy duty poly tarps are also referred to as valance covers and are beneficial to use as replacement for canopy roofs. These can be used for covering ice rinks, canopies, wedding tents, and outdoor party coverings. Other uses of these tarpaulins include their use as snow covers, boat covers, lumber covers, and other applications.
Poly tarp users can also use tarpaulins that have been specially treated against eliminating the negative effects of ultraviolet radiations. Commonly, these covers are available in white, which are beneficial to reflect back the sun rays while keeping the covered materials cooler and protected against discoloration and warping.
Moreover, these allow some sunlight to seep through so that the covered area receives some amount of light to enable you to get some sort of visibility.
Most experts agree that these tarpaulins are the best available options that are both effective while being economical. It is recommended to acquire covers that weigh approximately six ounces per square yard. Moreover, users must choose tarps that are provided with plastic reinforcements to provide a longer life to these tarps when they are in use.
The chosen tarp covers must provide rust free grommets at eighteen inch intervals. Moreover, these must be water resistant and protect the materials against mildew and acid. Additionally, the tarpaulins should be double-sided ultraviolet treated with arctic flexibility, and tear resistant.
The white tarpaulins are one of the coolest available options and reflect the light most when compared to other varieties. The primary reason is that the inner mesh is made from very thick materials that make these very effective. Users can also choose other poly tarp colors, such as lighter blue, green, and blue.
The price of these heavy duty poly tarps can range from a few dollars to more than one thousand dollars. The cost is primarily dependent on the dimensions and quality chosen. However, these coverings can easily last for at least three years, which make these affordable and cost effective.

Key Points Of Heavy Duty Poly Tarps:
  •  The higher the mesh count the better.  Nylon mesh threads help the strength of the tarp.
  • The hem of the tarp should be double stitched to prevent tearing.
  • Heavy duty tarps always have grommets spread out no more that 18 inches.


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