Advantages of Canvas Tarps Over Poly Tarps

Canvas tarp is without a doubt the most popular type of cover in the world. This can be attributed to their versatility and wide range of colors and grades of material. These products are made from 100 percent cotton fabric. This makes them ideal for a variety of applications.
Most manufacturers and retailers sell covers with standard measurements and colors. However, users can place orders for customized covers. For instance, they can choose the size they need and their preferred colors. They must also specify the grade of tarp material that they prefer.
It is important to note that these covers are not waterproof. They are water resistant. This simply means that the fabric will absorb some water but it will not let it pass through. It will also take some time to dry up. During its manufacture, the material is treated to make it mildew and mold resistant. The final result is a material that can be used in different environmental conditions.
Canvas tarps are available in different grades or densities. They include heavy duty, super duty, standard and flame retardant materials. Super duty and heavy duty tarp materials have high tensile strength and are normally used in extreme environments. Fire retardant covers are normally used in areas that are at high risk of catching fires.
After placing an order for custom covers, buyers can expect to receive their orders within a week. This is enough time to process the order, manufacture, customize, ship and deliver the product. Customers can place their orders over the internet by visiting the website of their preferred manufacturers or vendors.
All said and done, a canvas tarp can be used for a wide range or applications ranging from military to domestic applications. Party tents are also made from canvas. The oldest and most popular material for camping tents is also made of this pure cotton fabric.

Key differences of canvas tarps and poly tarps:
  1. Poly tarps are water.
  2. Canvas tarps handle abrasions better.
  3. Poly tarps our mold resistant.
  4. Most canvas tarps last longer component due to the thickness of the material and cotton resistance.
  5. The poly tarps typically cost less than the canvas.
  6. Both tarps costs rise when the cost of oil rises.


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