Why You Should Use White Fire Retardant Tarps

When purchasing a tarp for use around the home or construction site, there are some considerations to make. What color, what size, and what type of material are some of the questions you face. One question that does not often occur to everyone is whether or not the tarp needs to be fire resistant. There are several very good reasons to buy white fire retardant tarps.
The first and simplest reason to buy them is that they protect your possessions from fire. You cover up your boat, lawn mower, or spare furniture to protect them from dust, grime, and rain. It is logical to also protect those valuable objects from heat, sun, and fire.
When it is time to go camping, you probably bring a tarp along for some sort of shelter. You might cover your firewood with it, or use it to keep your food dry. In any of these cases, when you build a campfire you do not want to worry about your tarp becoming ablaze.
If you are at work or at home and have a portable heater that you need to protect from the elements, you might want to cover it with a tarp. You want a covering in this case that will resist the heat from the unit. You do not want to start a fire while keeping your heater dry.
When painting in a room where you have hot items, such as water heaters, ovens, or just in direct sunlight, you want to be able to cover your things up. You do not want your paint splashing all over everything. But at the same time, you want to avoid the possibility of your tarp bursting into flames.
As you can see, there are many reasons to use white fire retardant tarps. The white fire retardant tarps allow you to protect your things from all sources of damage. And they can be used not just in one of these circumstances, but reused throughout your lifetime.

Key points fire retardant:
1) All fire retardant tarps should be able to pass the CPA I – 84 specification if they are to be inspected by a fire marshal.
2) The polyethylene fire retardant tarps should have fire retardant built within the material.
3) The canvas fire retardant tarps have fire retardant sprayed onto the material after it has been manufactured.
4) Most fire retardant tarps that are CPA I – 84 specified have a label sewed onto the material.
5) Fire retardant material does not present the material from burning, it prevents the material from continuing to burn.


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