How To Choose Painter Tarps

When it is time to repaint your living room, you have some choices to make. What color goes best with your fireplace, where should you buy the paint, and how much do you want to spend are just a few of the questions that arise. But the choices do not stop there. You also have some choices to make when it comes to protecting your floor and furniture from splashes, drips, and spills while doing the painting. Keep these things in mind when choosing painter tarps for your next project.
The biggest choice to make is what kind of material you need. There are really three main categories to choose from. You can go with paper, plastic, or canvas. In the realm of paper, there is also a paper/poly option. But mostly you are looking at three choices.
If you decide to use canvas, you will be able to use the material again and again in the future. It is durable and can be used outside or inside. It is tear resistant and absorbs paint so that it does not spill out when you move the tarp after the job is done. The only limiting factor with canvas is that it can be expensive.
If cost if prohibitive, you might consider canvas tarps. They are considerably less expensive. They also absorb paint so as to avoid later spills. However, paper is not suited for outside use. It cannot be used more than once. And it tears easily.
These factors may cause you to consider a third alternative. Plastic tarps, also known as plastic sheeting, combine almost all of the benefits of both worlds. They can be used inside or outside. They are very cost effective. They are tear resistant. Plastic tarps can be used multiple times.
The only drawback is that they do not absorb paint, so you must exercise great caution when moving them or you might spill your carefully collected paint on your beautiful floor. When your painting job is done, you can go on to use your plastic or canvas painter tarps for other things, rather than just storing them away. You can cover your boat or lawn mower with it to keep it dust free. Or put it over old furniture to protect them from the weather.

Important factors about painter tarps:
  1. True painter tarps do not have grommets and you can save money by purchasing the canvas tarps without them.
  2. Painter tarps should not be treated with waterproofing because they need to absorb drips of paint into the material.
  3. Most painter tarps can last for years because they are only being used for paint absorption and floor protection.
  4. Some people use poly tarps for paint production, but they are not as good a choice as the canvas grade because polyethylene cannot absorb paint or liquid.
  5. Canvas traditionally cost more than poly tarps, but canvas will last 3 times as long.


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