Hurricane Tarps Season

Hurricane tarp season is June 1st to November 1st and people that live in the hurricane zone know this all too well. The most common hurricane tarps used our the economy grade blue polyethylene tarps. Roofers and Handyman will tack these tarps on to damage roof's after a hurricane to make sure that further water damage is not incurred. It's typical to see pictures of homes with blue tarps on top of them after a hurricane has stricken area.  These tarps are usually light duty but sufficient enough to keep the home covered for a month or two until refers can repair the home.  

Below are essential standards for hurricane tarps:

  1. Types should be 100% waterproof
  2. Typical size covers range between 14 x 20 to 30 x 30'. 
  3. Grommets should be spaced every 3 feet minimum. 
  4. Poly sand bags are important to make sure the perimeter of the tarp is waited down on the roof. 

100 foot poly rope is also important to help tie the tarp cover to the structure.

Having a small stockpile of tarps and various other supplies are important to have before the storm hits in order to be prepared when these items are in high demand.  

Please check with your hurricane awareness center for more details on preparedness.  


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