Poly Tarps vs Canvas Tarps

Many new tarp owners use tarps for the wrong application and find themselves with a defective piece of material.  The applications for poly tarps and canvas tarps range widely so here are the key points to remember for each type of tarp.

Below are the key points for each type of tarp.

Canvas Tarps:

  1. Thick material 
  2. Semi absorbent
  3. Abrasion resistant 
  4. Not waterproof
  5. Not mildew resistant 
  6. Not Flexible in freezing temperatures 
Poly Tarps:
  1. Dense yet still light
  2. UV Resistant 
  3. 100% waterproof
  4. Not a abrasion resistant as the canvas
  5. Mildew resistant
  6. Still flexible in freezing temperatures 
The type of applications for each tarp:

Canvas Tarps:
  • Dragging heavy debris
  • Absorbing/catching paint
  • Decorative 
Poly Tarps:
  • Canopy top Sun Protection
  • Roof coverage rain protection
  • Water retention 
The above are just a few application for canvas tarps and poly tarps but there are countless of uses. 


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