Great uses for tarps for this summer 2019.

Terps have so many applications but there are some important things to consider during summer time.
Here are five creative ways to use tarps the summer:

  1. Slip and slide: get some soap and water and you’re in business. A great way to stay cool and have fun this summer.
  2. Forts and mazes: you can build a fort for your child. 
  3. Emergency blankets: Cover yourself from rain and stay dry when blankets are not available. 
  4. Poncho: cut a hole in the tarp and use it as a poncho when a waterproof jacket is not available… This can come in handy right after hurricane relief circumstances. 
  5. Hammock: tie a heavy-duty tarp to trees we have the proper hardware and you have a sturdy hammock. 
Simple plastic tarps have so many applications and uses these are just a few that can come in handy this summer.


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