How To Make a Halloween Banner Out of a Tarp

So Halloween is coming up and you want to make an inexpensive banner for your business, friends etc.  Below is a simple step by step guide on how to make a simple banner for Halloween by using tarps.

  1. Get two polyethylene tarps... One black and one orange.  Both of these tarps can be found at Tarps Plus.  Here is the link for both tarps: Silver/Black Tarps and Orange Poly Tarps.  The tarp banner can be any size you like.  To cover a garage door like the picture attached here the tarp should be a 6'x20' tarp.
  2. Use the black side of the silver/black poly tarp as your background.
  3. Take the orange poly tarp and stencil out a Jack-O' Lantern.
  4. Cut the Jack-O'Lantern outline carefully with a scissors and the fine edges with a box cutter. 
  5. Take double sides duct tape or tarp tape and place it on the back side of the orange tarp Jack-O'Lantern cut out.
  6. Place the cut out on the black tarp and press firmly so the orange tarp cut out adheres to the black tarp background. 
  7. Take the tarp banner at hang it with the built in grommets on the tarp.  You can hang the tarp with bungee hooks, nails, zip ties etc. 

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