Tarps Flashback on Thursdays

Every Thursday people post flashback pictures on social media.  Tarps Plus is now posting flashback pictures of the way people used tarps in the past.  A lot can be learned how tarps were used throughout the decades and even centuries. Below are some examples of flashback pictures:

A group of people camping out with a tarp in the 1950s.

A family on a fishing trip with a tarp in the late 1940s
Tarps being used during the renaissance era.
A modern sil-nylon camouflage tarp setup on a camping site.

The first thing we notice in a flashback pictorial is, tarps in the past were made with simple materials.  Mid 20th century tarps were mostly made before poly tarps; made in the 1960s.  The tarps used during the Renaissance era were mostly hemp.  Modern tarps are now made with advanced materials.  The camo tarp above is made with sil-nylon, a materiel that  enables waterproof protection, shade and very light weight for easy transport.

Stay tuned for more flashback posts from Tarps Plus to learn more. 


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