How to Use Poly Tarps Creatively this Summer

I have been using tarps for years but now more than ever with the Coronavirus, I need to come up with ideas on how to entertain the kids, and get work done around the house.  So here are 5 great ways to use poly tarps this Summer.

  1. Slip n Slide:  Get a long a tarp, some liquid soap, water and you're in business.  It's a great way to cool off and have fun.  
  2. Forts and Mazes:  Get a bunch of tarps in different sizes and build a maze or don't wait for Halloween, build a haunted house this Summer.
  3. Emergency Blankets: Cover the backyard or patio to protect yourself from the sun or heavy Summer rain showers. 
  4. Poncho: Always keep a tarp in your car.  If you get stuck in the rain, cut a hold in the middle of the tarp and you have a poncho!
  5. Hammock: Get a super heavy duty tarp and use it as a hammock.  The super heavy-duty poly tarps are stronger than a conventional hammock and are waterproof. 

Michael Stein is the founder and CEO of Abadak Inc and Tarps Plus.  For more information visit


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