Heavy Duty Tarps and It's Uses

Types of Heavy Duty Tarps

Tarps Plus carries heavy duty versions of all of our popular tarps.

Our heavy duty vinyl tarps are 13-15 mil thick. They feature heat-sealed interior seams and rust-resistant grommets placed about every 24” around the edges. These heavy duty tarps are made of vinyl-coated polyester. They are great for use with any load that may puncture a less durable tarp.

The heavy duty polyethylene tarps at Tarps Plus are 10-12 mil with 1200 dernier. These heavy duty tarps have grommets place about every 18” around the perimeter. Heavy duty poly tarps come in a variety of colors including silver, white, tan, red, orange, yellow and green. Just like our lighter-duty poly tarps, these heavy duty tarps resist mildew and acid. They are waterproof and include a UV coating on both sides to reduce sun damage to the tarp.

At Tarps Plus, we also offer heavy duty canvas. Our heavy duty canvas tarps weigh 15-18 ounces per yard squared. Rust-proof brass grommets are secured approximately every 24” around the perimeter. These heavy duty tarps are great for outdoor applications that require extra durability.

Super heavy duty tarps available at Tarps Plus are made of thick 21-23 mils thick vinyl. These extra thick and strong tarps have grommets spaced approximately every 24” around the perimeter. Just like the heavy duty vinyl tarps, these super heavy duty tarps are waterproof, UV resistant and have heat-sealed interior seams. Super heavy duty viny tarps are great for extended outdoor exposure and for use with rough or sharp loads.

Uses for Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy duty tarps are quite versatile. They can be used in any season and for many different applications.

Tarps Plus’ high-quality heavy duty tarps can withstand both high heat in the summer and freezing temperatures in the winter. They are made to withstand the elements for extended periods of outdoor use.

Our heavy duty tarps are made to stay strong and last through the toughest uses. They resist tearing and stretching even when they are used to cover sharp or rough loads. They can be used to cover vehicles to protect them over the winter, cover loads for cross-country hauling, protect plants and hay from the elements, protect truck beds from rough loads and many other uses. When you’re looking for a great quality, heavy duty tarp, Tarps Plus has tarps for any project.

Quality Customer Service

Tarps Plus not only has exceptional tarps, but we have exceptional customer service. We value our customer relationships and we love to supply exactly what our customers need. Contact us today. 

 Tarps Plus carries an impressive stock of heavy-duty tarps for many different applications. We have heavy duty versions of polyethylene, canvas and vinyl tarps as well as super heavy duty polyethylene tarps. For any project that requires thick and strong tarps, you’ll find the solution in one of Tarps Plus’ heavy duty options.


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