Uses for Clear Tarps

Tarps Plus carries exceptionally durable and well-made clear plastic tarps. They are made of long-lasting heavy-duty polyethylene. Clear tarps are a great, versatile tarp that can be used in a variety of applications.


Tarps Plus’ clear plastic tarps are manufactured with close attention to detail. They are made with durable thick nylon thread that resists tearing and stretching. Each tarp has grommets securely fastened approximately 18” apart on all sides and includes a rope-reinforced hem.

Both sides of our clear tarps are UV treated to help reduce the damaging effects of sun exposure. Our clear plastic tarps are all mildew and acid resistant as well as waterproof. They are extremely durable and do not tear or stretch easily.

The clear plastic tarps at Tarps Plus have arctic flexibility, which means that they do not freeze and become brittle in below-freezing conditions. Arctic flexibility makes our clear tarps suitable for all seasons, even in the coldest climates.


Our clear plastic tarps are transparent, which makes them a great choice for greenhouses and other agricultural applications. Adequate sunlight filters through the clear tarps while the plants are protected from insects, hail and excessive rain.

Clear tarps also make great sidewalls for temporary event structures. Your guests will be protected from the elements while still enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. Our clear plastic tarps are window-like in transparency.

Clear plastic tarps from Tarps Plus are also a great barrier for porches and patios. They allow the sunlight in and maintain your view while protecting you from the elements. Make your porch or patio usable even in inclement weather by installing our tarps.

Anytime you need a transparent barrier from the elements, a clear plastic tarp will suit your needs.

Multiple Sizes and Thicknesses

Choose from 10 mil, 20 mil, and 30 mil thicknesses depending on how durable you need your clear tarp to be. Tarps Plus carries heavy-duty clear plastic tarps in a wide variety of sizes, from 6’x8’ all the way to 30’ x 40’. We also specialized in custom orders and can make clear tarps to your unique specifications. Contact our experienced sales team to order your custom clear tarps made to your specifications and/or if you require a bulk order.

At Tarps Plus, we’re not only proud of our high-quality clear plastic tarps, we’re also proud of our experienced and professional staff who put customer service first. We will help you choose the right kind of clear tarp for your specific needs.


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